Heathcote Shiraz

The Heathcote Shiraz is usually from fruit picked at the first harvest of the season in March when the fruit sugars are not yet at their peak but the flavours are at their optimum, thus keeping the alcohol from dominating the palate, making this a perfect wine to have with all styles of food.  The wine is cool fermented to retain natural aromas; basket pressed, and spends two years in French Oak. View Heathcot Shiraz Wine List

Heathcote Reserve Shiraz

This is made from the final harvest where the fruit is riper with more intense flavours, thus a higher percentage of new oak is used to tame the power of these wines. View Reserve Shiraz Wine List

Mia Mia

The Mia Mia is a Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon co-fermented in most years producing a spectacular marriage between the two varieties.  The percentage of shiraz to cabernet sauvignon varies from season to season. In 2011 we made our first Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz View Mia Mia Wine List

Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is grown on the coolest side of the ridge and produces classic flavours of black currant & cassis with firm underlying tannins. View Cabernet Sauvignon Wine List

Cabernet Malbec 2016 (new release 2017)

Sparkling Shiraz “Red Cloud”

The Sparkling Shiraz is a true method champenoise / traditionelle style, it is always a vintage sparkling only made on exceptional years when the flavours come in early.  This bottle fermented wine is made entirely at our winery, including tirage & dosage making this a unique wine from our Region. View Sparkling Shiraz

Fortified Shiraz “The Douglas”

The fruit for the Douglas is the richest and ripest fruit from the final harvest and can only be made in exceptional seasons using the highest quality brandy spirit and spending two years in American Oak. View Fortified Shiraz

White Wines – Viognier, Riesling, Semillon & Pink Cabernet

A true Heathcote Viognier, basket pressed to maintain the delicate flavours, finished in French Oak. The first Riesling was released in October 2013 and only a small batch was made.  Semillon has been made twice, with a liqueur coming up soon as well, these grapes are a gift from our neighbours in Mia Mia. In 2016 we acquired a water bag press which is perfect for making our whites. View White Wines

“Ode to Maestro” Sparkling Riesling 2016 (new release 2017)

V1 LIQUEUR VIOGNIER –  Made from pressing out the skins of the viognier grapes